GNU Make

About GNU Make

GNU Make is an open-source Makefile utility licensed under the GPLv2 license. Most of the tools on my website use Makefiles, and thus will require GNU Make or some alternative.


GNU Make has no prerequisites.

Downloading GNU Make

As I write this, the latest stable version of GNU Make is 3.81. You can download this, or another version, at Assuming you want to install version 3.81: download make-3.81.tar.gz, and follow the rest of these instructions to install it.

For example: downloading GNU Make using wget:
$ wget

Installing GNU Make

Extract GNU Make
$ gzip -dc < make-3.81.tar.gz | tar -xf -
$ cd make-3.81
Build GNU Make
$ ./configure
$ sh ./
$ ./make check
Install GNU Make
# ./make install


GNU Tar, when installed as instructed above, produces the following files:

Executable Files
Man Pages
Info Files
Locale Files


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